Your premier location for the best-haunted adventure every year. 

Each year we strive to create a different, exciting, and horrifying experience. We choose a location to fit the needs of our theme and build the sets each year so the experience is different each time you go. We strive to use the latest special effects and newest ideas. We want to leave you TERRIFIED!

2016: We are hosting TWO terrifying locations! One location will be at Broadway At The Beach between Carmike 17 and Big D Theater across from Dragon’s Lair (Formerly Magiquest). Our second location will by at The House Of Blues in North Myrtle beach at Barefoot Landing!

We are very excited to have two great locations! Stay tuned to our Facebook we will be updating you regularly!

We will be posting photos on our Facebook page regularly. Check out the years past on our Pictures page. We will upload pictures from this year too as is progresses.

We are looking forward to seeing… and scaring you this year!

About Dr. Screams: Dr. Screams was created in 1998 by Gary Bingham. The name was coined after his inaugural year when his location was in the hospital in the old Air Force Base in Myrtle Beach. It was called the Haunted Hospital; after that, he became Dr. Screams and has been scaring ever since!

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